FabLab (TAKEUP Project)

COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus

1st Scheduled Maintenance of TROTEC Laser Engraver Q400

Inspection Report



  • TROTEC Company Representatives: Mr. Asad and Mr. Usman
  • CUI, Lahore Campus Representatives:
    • Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ahmed Farooqui, PI TAKEUP
    • Dr. Imran Hassan Naqvi, In-charge Fab Lab
    • Mr. Ghullam Jillani, Manager TAKEUP Project
    • Mr. Akmal Azeem, Machinist, Chemical Engineering


Purpose of Visit:

TROTEC Company representatives, Mr. Asad and Mr. Usman, visited the Fab Lab at COMSATS University, Lahore Campus on Wednesday September 27, 2023, for the scheduled service and maintenance of the TROTEC Laser Engraver Q400. The equipment is under warranty and was provided to COMSATS as part of the TAKEUP project funded by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program through the University of Saarland.

Activity Details:

  1. The TROTEC Laser Engraver Q400, which is an sophisticated machine in the Fab Lab, underwent comprehensive inspection and servicing during the visit. This maintenance was crucial to ensure the continued functionality and performance of the equipment.
  2. The University’s representatives, including Prof. Dr. Ahmad Farooqi, Dr. Imran Hassan Naqvi, Mr. Ghullam Jillani, and Mr. Akmal Azeem, were present throughout the activity to oversee the servicing process and address any potential issues and ask questions where necessary.
  3. Mr. Asad and Mr. Usman conducted a thorough examination of the equipment and performed the necessary servicing procedures. This included checking for any wear and tear, cleaning the laser components, and ensuring that all parts were in proper working condition.
  4. After completing the service and maintenance that took around 2 hours, the TROTEC Company representatives expressed their satisfaction with the condition of the TROTEC Laser Engraver Q400. They also acknowledged the responsible usage of the equipment by the users in FabLab, which contributes to its longevity and efficiency.
  5. In response to the question by Professor Farooqui about the provision of post warranty service, Mr. Asad agreed to send a proposal for post-warranty service agreement for consideration of CUI.

The equipment remains under warranty for two years, and its optimal performance is essential for the continued success of the Fab Lab’s operations. The University of Saarland’s contribution through the TAKEUP project, supported by the European Union’s Erasmus+ program, has been instrumental in facilitating the activities of FabLab at CUI, Lahore Campus.


Prepared By:

Dr. Imran Hassan Naqvi (Associate Professor)

In-charge Fab Lab (CUI Lahore)

Report Date: September 27, 2023



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