NICL at LUMS stands at the forefront of revolutionizing Pakistan’s startup landscape with its groundbreaking Entrepreneurial Coaching program. A game-changer for aspiring entrepreneurs, this initiative, driven by the Transforming Academic Knowledge to develop Entrepreneurial Universities in Pakistan (TAKE-UP) Project, has equipped NICL, LUMS’ Learning and Development team to become certified entrepreneurial coaches, opening up a world of opportunities for startups nationwide.

Empowering Startups through Coaching

Entrepreneurial coaching isn’t just about business tactics; it’s a strategic partnership that accelerates startup growth. At LUMS, NICL’s certified coaches combine business acumen with a profound understanding of Pakistan’s unique market challenges, making them the ideal mentors for emerging entrepreneurs.

The NICL Learning Journey: See How Entrepreneurial Coaching Benefits Startups

Curious about the transformative influence of entrepreneurial coaching on startups and their business ideas? Discover the power of the entrepreneurial coaching program in this enlightening video. Dive into NICL, LUMS’ journey as they evolve into certified entrepreneurial coaches, empowered by the TAKE-UP Project’s intensive training. This isn’t just about honing coaching skills; it’s about immersing in the startup ecosystem to provide holistic guidance.


Unleashing Personalized Potential

What sets entrepreneurial coaching apart is its personalized approach. NICL’s coaches understand that entrepreneurship is deeply tied to individual values and aspirations. By tailoring guidance to each startup’s distinct strengths and challenges, they empower founders to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape with confidence.

Beyond Conventional Consultation: Your Partner in Progress

Entrepreneurial coaching is more than just advice; it’s a partnership that navigates startups through uncertainties. NICL’s coaches at LUMS don multiple hats – mentors, sounding boards, and strategists. By providing a safe space for idea exploration and growth mindset cultivation, they help startups sidestep pitfalls and strategically pivot when needed.

Stepping into Success

Experience NICL, LUMS’ transformative journey through an insightful video. This video showcases the metamorphosis that entrepreneurial coaching has triggered within the NICL team, highlighting the potential impact on startups.


For those ready to take the plunge, the NICL team at LUMS is ready. Whether it’s refining business strategies, securing funding, or tackling scalability, their certified coaches can offer personalized guidance that aligns with each startup’s aspirations.

Connecting with NICL at LUMS

Elevate your ground-breaking idea beyond conception. NICL, LUMS’ entrepreneurial coaching can turn your aspirations into a vibrant reality. Reach out to to explore how their coaches can navigate your entrepreneurial journey.

A Future of Startup Triumph

In essence, the Transforming Academic Knowledge to develop Entrepreneurial Universities in Pakistan (TAKE-UP) Project marks the beginning of a new era for Pakistani startups. NICL, LUMS’ certified coaches stand as beacons, illuminating the path toward success. As you embark on your startup journey, remember – NICL at LUMS is here to transform dreams into tangible achievements.


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