One of the primary objectives of the TAKEUP project is to train entrepreneurial coaches. In pursuit of this goal, the Faculty Training by Master Trainers for Entrepreneurial Coaching under WP 6.4 was conducted at COMSATS University Islamabad, Lahore Campus from July 17 to 21, 2023. Six master trainers conducted fourteen training sessions in which sixty-five faculty members representing almost all academic departments participated.

Six master trainers from CUI who led the training sessions were

  1. Usama Ijaz Bajwa          (Computer Science)
  2. Imran Haider Naqvi       (Management Sciences)
  3. Imran Shafiq                   (Management Sciences)
  4. Mirza Tariq Hamayun   (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  5. Naeem Shahzad            (Electrical & Computer Engineering)
  6. Shahzad Khurram         (Chemical Engineering)

The sessions unfolded as follows:

Day 1: The inaugural session commenced with the recitation of the Holy Quran followed by an introductory session by Prof. Dr Muhammad Ahmed Farooqui, the Founder and Coordinator of the TAKEUP Project. Professor Dr. Asad Hussain Director of COMSATS University Lahore Campus welcomed the participants and lauded the TAKEUP team for their endeavors in fostering an entrepreneurial culture at the university. Dr. Tariq Hamayun introduced Entrepreneurship, elucidating the reasons to support entrepreneurs. Dr. Khurram Shahzad emphasized understanding and assessing the current challenges of entrepreneurs, while Dr. Usama Bajwa’s training delved into the requisite process and skills for entrepreneurial coaching.

Day 2: The second day’s training began with a presentation by Dr. Imran Haider Naqvi, who provided insights into legal business entities and intellectual property in Pakistan, along with project management fundamentals. Dr. Tariq Hamayun discussed identifying stressors and resources within entrepreneurial ventures.

Day 3: Dr. Usama Bajwa conducted a training session on evaluating business ideas. Dr. Naeem Shahzad’s presentation highlighted the significance of communication and listening skills, along with the development of an understanding of entrepreneurial teams.

Day 4: Dr. Imran Shafique initiated the day’s training by elucidating tools to structure business ideas, presenting two approaches: 1. Business Model Canvas and GROW Model, and 2. Marketing & Supply Chain Management. Subsequently, Dr. Shahzad Khurram discussed owning an identity as an entrepreneurial coach.

Day 5: The final day’s training commenced with Dr. Imran Haider Naqvi’s presentation on the challenges involved in conflict management. Dr. Usama Bajwa followed with insights into the Government of Pakistan’s initiatives for promoting entrepreneurship. The 5-day training concluded with concluding remarks by Prof. Dr. Muhammad Ahamd Farooqui. In his concluding address, Dr. Farooqui especially appreciated the online participation of Ms. Theresa Zimmer of Saarland University (Germany) and the physical participation of Mr. Panourgias Papaioannou Athens University of Economics and Business, (Greece). Dr. Farooqui also appreciated and acknowledged the hard work and efforts of Mr. Ghulam Jilani and his team members for making all logistic, technical, and administrative arrangements for the training sessions.

Certificate Awarding Ceremony: The culmination of the event was marked by a certificate-awarding ceremony held on July 31, 2023. At the opening of the ceremony, Dr. Farooqui provided an overview of the training sessions and shared the data on participation and feedback. The certificates were presented by Dr. Asad Hussain Director of CUI Lahore Campus and Mr. Panourgias Papaioannou from Athens University of Economics and Business, Greece. In his closing remarks, Dr Asad Hussain emphasized the importance of the continuity of TAKEUP project beyond its official duration. Mr. Panourgias Papaioannou in his address to the audience congratulated the Master Trainers for earning the status of Certified Coach of Entrepreneurship under the umbrella of the European Union. He appreciated the arrangements of the ceremony, especially the hospitality of the management of the CUI Lahore Campus. He also visited the newly established Fabrication Laboratory (FabLab) during which Dr. Imran Hassan Naqvi, In-charge FabLab, and Mr. Ghulam Jilani, briefed him about various aspects of the functions and operations of FabLab.

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