During the entrepreneurial exercises and training sessions for the coaches for the EU Erasmus+ funded TAKE-UP Project, Dr. Naqvi from CUI Lahore presented his idea of restoring and offering a vintage car for ceremonial events, such as marriage, convocations, etc. following GROW model. Dr. Usama (CUI Lahore) presented his experience with RashCAM products for cars/vehicles and mold them into GROW models. Dr. Naeem (CUI Lahore) shared his experience with Islamic scarf selling in Australia in partnership with a friend and another idea for the solar panel business.

Dr. Ammad Uppal, Director of Management Sciences, GCU gave a lecture on entrepreneurial exercises and marketing segmentation for addressing target groups. He added an explanation of GROW model. All participants were engaged in group exercises and individual presentations. Dr. Ismail, UoG shared his idea of flavored organic yogurt. Other participants also shared useful entrepreneurial ideas in their respective exercises. Subsequently, Prof. Dr. Faiza, LUMS delivered her talk on business communication. The details relevant to encoding, decoding, and transcription were discussed in an entrepreneurial context. She motivated and engaged the audience in case studies, videos, and relevant discussions. The participants made the exercises on the given case studies very well. Later the workings of each group in the case studies were discussed. After the video display, Dr. Faiza moderated the inputs & workings of groups onto given questions. CUI participated effectively in the exercises for GROW model and the activities were appreciated as beneficial for training coaches on entrepreneurship.

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