Lahore University of Management Sciences (LUMS) received three machines in November 2022 from the University of Saarland under the TakeUp project collaboration, namely, Co2 Laser Machine, CNC Wood Router, and 3D Printer MSLA that have been placed in the Makers Lab located within the National Incubation Center Lahore at LUMS. These machines have been a great addition to the existing equipment and have already produced impressive results, completing several projects since then.

The CNC Wood Router is a computer-controlled machine used in 3-axis woodworking that can cut, carve, and shape wood with high precision and accuracy. The machine uses a spinning cutting tool controlled by a computer program to carve the wood into the desired shape. So far, the CNC Wood Router has completed seven projects, including carving furniture of different designs for one of NICL’s alumni startups and cutting circuit boards for another startup’s product.


The Co2 Laser Machine is another computer-controlled machine that uses a carbon dioxide laser to cut, engrave, or mark materials such as wood, acrylic, fabric, paper, leather, and certain metals. It has completed 11 projects so far, including manufacturing camera boxes for the Agri Monitoring System that have been implemented on campus for research purposes, producing wooden medals that were distributed in a school, and creating souvenirs and emblems of different shapes and sizes for various startups and the offices within LUMS.


The 3D Printer MSLA is a resin-based 3D printing technology that uses a liquid resin material that is cured using a light source, such as an LCD screen, to create a solid 3D object layer by layer. This machine has completed five projects to date, including supporting a startup to manufacture the parts of a low-cost 3D printer for them called Markhor 3D Printer. It is the most affordable 3D Printer in Pakistan, Markhor3D D7500 is a high-quality and user-friendly 3d printer designed to make 3D printing accessible to everyone. The 3D Printer MSLA at the Makers Lab has also printed five different types of double-lumen endotracheal tubes for students of GIKI University, parts of a laptop, and a locally made bread-making machine named RotiBot.


These machines have been a great addition to the Makers Lab and have provided students and startups with the opportunity to create innovative products and prototypes, exploring new ideas and turning them into reality. They have also helped in research-based projects that will prove to be a game-changer in the agricultural industry of Pakistan. The completed projects are a testament to the precision and accuracy of the machines, which have helped in the creation of high-quality products.

The National Incubation Center Lahore at LUMS is grateful for the collaboration with the University of Saarland under the Take-Up project, which has enabled them to advance their efforts in supporting innovation and entrepreneurship in Pakistan. This also proves to be an excellent example of how international collaborations can have a positive impact on local communities



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